Friday, 11 November 2016

FlashBack Friday

Hi Nerdlings, 

Damn, its already been FIVE months since we last posted. Time does really fly. Yall better have missed us. Hehe. 

I hope you guys are good. 

Well since its a friday, how about a flashback to a couple of months ago when Dee had her green braids and Bee had her pixie cut hairstyle. Lol. 

For this shoot, we both went for dresses, however with a different touch. While Dee went for the addition of the marvin, Bee opted for a cap. 

Enjoy. :) 

Bee's Look: 
Jacket - Gift
Dress - Ksh 500
Shoes - ksh 1000 at Taamali Kenya
Stunners - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade
Cap - Ksh 800 at Top Shop Online

Dee's Look:
Marvin - Gift 
Shirt Dress - Ksh 200 at Gikomba
Oxfords - Ksh 600 at Adams Arcade
Stunners - Borrowed from Bee

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Cap That!

Hey Nerdlings, 

This post is all about the caps and how we paired them differently but still with an all black theme.

Enjoy. :) 

Dees Look
Sheer Top - Ksh 100 at Toi
Pants - Ksh 500 at Toi
Cap - Ksh 200 at Gikomba 
Chain - Gift

Bees look
Sweatshirt - Ksh 2000
Skinnies - Ksh 650 at Toi
Cap - Ksh 800 at Top Shop Online 
Stunnas - Ksh 200 at Toi

Friday, 25 March 2016

It's a GOOD FRIDAY To Be a Nerd!

Hey Nerdlings, 

Happy Easter. :) 
Hows your easter weekend coming along? We hope you guys have plans like Dee who is off to coast for hers. Hehe. Do enjoy this long weekend.

 So this post was all about simplicity in denim; particularly denim shorts and denim pants. And ofcourse that background. 

Enjoy. :) 

Dees Look
Blouse Top - Took it from my mum
Denim pants - Gift
Heeled boots - Ksh 2500Ksh 
Stunners - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade

Bees look
Waterfall Camel Coat - ksh 6000 at Kungara
Top - Ksh 30 at Gikomba
Shorts - Gift
Ngomas - Ksh 299 at Bata
Stunners - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade

Monday, 29 February 2016

Artsy Nerds

Hey Nerdlings, 

Oh my, its just hit me. Today is a leap day. How cool is that? :) :) 

Anyway as I had told you guys at the beginning of the year: expect new things from us. Well this shoot attests to that. We really wanted an artsy type of setting to be incorporated into the shoot, and thats exactly what we got. The location was everything. 

Enjoy. :) 

Bee's Look
Black coat - Ksh 6000 at Kung'ara
Dress Top - Ksh 30 at Gikomba
Shoes - Ksh 1000 at Taamali Kenya
Stunnas - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade 

Dee's Look
Button down dress - Gift
Black studded boots - Ksh 4500 from the States 
Stunnas - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade
Chain - Gift 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Touch of Fashion Art

Hi Nerdlings, 

Hope you guys are good.
So just as we were looking for a venue for our shoot; our photographer Wendy came up with the most clever idea; to shoot at the fashion-art installation presented by Ichyulu at the Circle Art Gallery.  

Enjoy!! :) :) 

 The interface between fashion and art was truly amazing.


Bees Look 
Sleeveless Coat - Gift
White T-shirt Top - Ksh 50 at Gikomba
Pants - Levis 
Shoes - Gift 
Stunnas - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade

Dee Look
Sleeveless Kimono Coat - Gift
Sheer Top - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade
Kikoy shorts - Ksh 300 at Adams Arcade
Shoes - 3000 from the States 
Stunnas - Ksh 200 at Adams Arcade